Rescuing Animals in Need

We Are R.A.I.N.

(Rescuing Animals In Need)

Meet Wayne Miller, the Founder of RAIN

His passion is to educate people about statistics and saving lives. He would like to let people know that every adoption saves TWO lives: the one that you adopt and the one we can put into a foster home. His dream is to someday have a place where he can house many abandoned or homeless animals, keeping them safe until a forever home is found for them.

Our Mission:

RAIN Rescue’s mission is to rescue and adopt out the adoptable animals in the Phoenix area as well as educate the public on the care, safety, and need to have their pets spayed/neutered.

Our Goals:

  • Save as many animal lives as possible
  • Raise enough money to have a shelter in the East Valley

RAIN Rescue is an animal rescue organization helping the thousands of cats and dogs throughout the Phoenix Area. We are a 501(c)(3) tax exempt, no-kill, non-profit organization.

PO Box 2006 •  Chandler, AZ 85224  •  azrainrescue [ at ]