Rainbow Bridge


Baelish crossed the Rainbow Bridge on June 29, 2019.  He was born with congenital defects that we were unable to help him overcome.  We took him to an emergency vet and they determined that his defects were too great and his quality of life would be too negatively impacted to perform the surgery we all thought might save his life.  He was let go peacefully and humanely after a short nine weeks of life.


Our little Monkey girl crossed the rainbow bridge overnight on September 12, 2020 in the wee hours of morning. She fought valiantly after being diagnosed with Panleukopenia but her small body was just not able to keep up with the demands of fighting the virus. She had been found outdoors in the brutal Arizona sun and heat, covered in blisters and missing fur. Monkey was a spunky girl who would growl into her wet food as she ate it and she loved her foster mama very much.

Monkey is a perfect example of why we do what we do, even when the outcome isn't as we hoped. She would have died a horrible death outdoors and would have never known the comfort and love of a home. While we all wish that she had beaten this awful virus, we are all still grateful for the time we had with her and we are glad to know she did not go alone or unloved. We must take comfort where we can. In her memory, we continue the fight.


Arya crossed the rainbow bridge on September 17, 2021. She was with her foster mama the entire time but she had health issues that could not be overcome. This beautiful tortoiseshell girl was also one of a few CH (Cerebellar Hypoplasia) kitties in RAIN's care and it was both fascinating and a joy to watch her learn how to navigate a world not built for a wobbly kitty. We laughed many times as Arya would launch herself across the house at the sound of the Temptations treat box being shaken because she loved herself some treats!

This beloved girl is just another example of why we do what we do. She never quite found the right "forever home" and that was okay. Her foster mama was patient and kept trying because we had to find the right home for Arya. One that could adapt to the special needs and quirks of a CH kitty. Unfortunately, other congenital health issues cropped up and she has been loved "forever and beyond" by everyone who knew her.


Castiel crossed the rainbow bridge on February 16, 2022. We really wanted to take a moment to honor him because his story was heartbreaking for us and we wish he'd had a happier ending. Castiel was surrendered to County by his previous owners because they'd just had a baby and he was "too much of a burden". He was 13 years old. It was immediately clear that Castiel was a sweet boy who just wanted to give and receive affection as much as possible. A volunteer at the county shelter reached out in late September of 2021 to see if we had room and we moved some things around to get this boy away from his future on the E-List.

He was quickly scooped up by a wonderful foster who was prepared to do whatever was necessary to get weight put on him and get his health sorted out. Castiel never once lost even an ounce of his sweet disposition. He was happy to exist in any space with any human, stranger or not, and even watched a flooring crew in the foster's home while they did work for a couple days. We think Castiel was either bilingual or at least spoke Spanish because he always seemed very interested when the men spoke Spanish! Sadly, his body just wasn't up for continuing his fight even as we were getting him sorted out and his existing FIV may have been a factor along with his newly diagnosed diabetes. Castiel spent his last months and even his last few moments being loved by his foster and the rest of RAIN. In his honor, we continue to fight for the senior cats who deserve dignity and love just as much as everyone else.

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